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We’re committed to helping our doctors provide the highest standard of care possible, and work with you to ensure patient satisfaction. To do this, we go beyond mere laboratory services to support you on the cases that need extra attention.

Same-Day Denture Repair
Waiting for denture repairs and relines can be embarrassing and inconvenient for your patients, so take advantage of One Perma-Dent’s same-day service to get them smiling again. Is six-hour service not fast enough? Then call our lab at 212-757-5430 to schedule rush repairs. We will even arrange pick-up service to your practice.

Chairside Conversions
More edentulous patients are seeking a better solution than traditional dentures. Let us help you convert existing dentures to a fixed removable at your practice. With a functional provisional denture converted from an existing denture, patients leave your office without having to endure the embarrassment and discomfort of a shoddy provisional.

Shade Matching
A poorly matched shade is all it takes for a patient to be dissatisfied with an otherwise ideal restoration. Take the guesswork out of shade matching, and allow our expert technicians determine the chroma that’s right for every patient.

Treatment Planning
An implant case is much more complicated than any other restorative treatment, and requires careful coordination between oral surgeons, restoring doctor and the laboratory. Let One Perma-Dent Studio’s history of success guide your next implant case to a smooth, simple conclusion.

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